How to prepare for the future.

Photo by Ali Pazani, from Pexels

Although your previous UX experience may be entirely based on 2D and you have not been particularly interested in games or 3D animations, there has never been a better time to pay more attention to 3D prototyping.

1. Microsoft made a deal with the US military that could be potentially worth up to approximately 22 billion dollars to provide customized Hololens for both training and combat. This serves as a huge validation of the commercial viability of mixed reality products.

2. Rumors are Apple is preparing to release its AR glasses within 2–3 years that look just like normal glasses…

I came up with the idea of a more inclusive workout app while being confined at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. With the pandemic having no end in sight, working out at home with digital apps could be the only way that many people can stay fit. Therefore, it is imperative to make them safer and more convenient for a higher percentage of the population. Personally, I often felt limited by a physical ailment — plantar fasciitis, but not many apps on the market addressed the discomfort. My research started from my own ‘pain points’ both in the literal and…

Last year, I participated in a digital marketing conference in Seoul, South Korea. I was impressed by companies that showcased a new type of technology that can read a person’s micro-expressions, enabling them to provide a timely, context-based, individualized product for the customer. On the flip side of that fancy technology, however, there have been a series of recent tragic incidents in Korea where people have acted out violently because their mental illnesses had been left untreated for so long. So I thought, why can’t we use the same technology for the people with mental illnesses to provide the same…

G.E. Karen Lee

Product Designer. Currently a graduate student at the Center for Digital Media, in Vancouver, Canada

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