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  • Matt Wierzbicki

    Matt Wierzbicki

    Product Designer from Poland

  • Salomon Aurélien

    Salomon Aurélien

    Designer — UI/UX/AR/Motion. Worked for Metalab, Apple & more.

  • Eyal Zuri

    Eyal Zuri

    Co-Founder and Creative Director at @usemuzli (acquired by InVision Inc.) | @awwwards judge | https://dribbble.com/eyalz

  • Yichen He

    Yichen He

    UX Designer

  • Tony Aubé

    Tony Aubé

    Design at Osmo/Byjus. Previously Google AI.

  • Jasmine Friedl

    Jasmine Friedl

    Design Director at Dropbox, Dabbler in Writing, Champagne Enthusiast

  • Jason Cyr

    Jason Cyr

    Leading design transformation for Cisco Security

  • Leecy Li

    Leecy Li

    Interaction Designer @Google. Work: leecy.li

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